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Published Sep 21, 2014
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Published Sep 19, 2014
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Published Sep 19, 2014
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Published Sep 18, 2014
Warlords of Draenor - Upcoming Beta Build Yet another beta build is headed our way tonight. Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment The Beta realms are currently shutting down for mainte...
Published Sep 18, 2014

Playing with Iyyokuk

Jadeleaf a posted Aug 5, 14
After defeating ourselves and focusing while surrounded by sexual innuendos, we finally achieved a kill on Heroic Paragons. It did not pose a significant challenge, we did not even need to get our vacuum cleaners out. In the end it only took us a quarter of attempts we needed for Siegecrafter.

We are on the right track to get HC Garrosh down before 6.0 hits. We will have a few spots for selected individuals. Reach out to us if you would like to be making progress in Mythic raiding with only 6 hours per week raid time investment.

Here's a beautiful screenshot with at least one bug in it:
Class Lol Shad #thatswhatshesaid? ...
Shadrea Another kuk bites the dust
Lykoss Well done guys ...

Broken Toys

Jadeleaf a posted Jul 14, 14
After perfecting our strategy and execution, we finally killed Siegecrafter. There's only two bosses that remain and hopefully we are prepared. Good job everyone involved and big thank you for all those on the sidelines. Our roster is growing in preparation for WoD Mythic raiding and there's already a lot of cheering from those who couldn't fit into the 10 man setting. We are still recruiting a few suitable individuals, come join a true 6 hours/2 days per week raiding guild.

Here's an obligatory screenshot:
Siegecrafter HC

Hyldur Well done all! ...
Drysi Good job ...
Apogryph Here's to hoping the re-kill won't take another 200+ wipes ...

Walk the Dinosaur

Jadeleaf a posted Apr 20, 14
Long overdue but better late than never. We took the dino for a walk and it was glorious (c) Erik.

Here is the tactic that was used during the kill, I am sure some would like to analyze it:

And here is the joy that commenced after the kill:

Demandred Boom Boom, chakalaka boom boom! best strategy ever
Apogryph That video is a surprisingly accurate depiction of out tactics ...
Shadrea Hey look i'm on fire. just like thok was briefly before this. ...
Finally we met a boss that we could spend a few days on, it only increased the joy after killing him. Looking forward to more of such challenges ahead. I know everyone's been looking forward to an update on the front page, it gets really old really fast staring at a pink fashion star. We're currently 10 HC, raiding strictly only 6 hours per week. Come join us for the next expansion, we are already building a team.

Apogryph The only good Orc is a dead Orc!
Shadrea bahaha the picture was taken the second i hit gopher with the firework ...
Class LOL nice picture^^ My wings blocking everyone behind me.. hehe
Welcome to the show "Latest Pink Transmog Fashion" presented by the best host - Blexis. Thing is that we all kill these bosses and raid these dungeons without spending enough time to think about our attire while doing so. Blexis is here to change that around, he was caught saying: "It is not what you kill, or how you kill it! It is what you wear while doing it!". Initial attempts included large quantities of pie, but that did not go so well... We quickly swapped it to what you see below. Improvements can always be sent to Blexis, he will equip it and we will have material for our next episode.

pink blexis
Jadeleaf a An incorrect quote in the media? Taken out of context? Well that never happens, sue!
Blexis What are you saying jadeleaf. I said none of that!! what a cruel world ...
Sindrakis My eyes... are... burning...
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