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Classy Love

Jadeleaf a posted Fri at 23:46
Not to make the Title too misleading (why would we do that, we don't do that...), but one of the lovely guild members wrote why she loves us. It is a perfect fit for the main page, together with all the hands on Erik and being virtually inside Demandred:

Would you like the post after a year to include your name as well? Time before the expansion is perfect to talk about it!

Current Content is Done!

Jadeleaf a posted Oct 10, 14
It has been slightly overdue and we (read: Jadeslack) have been slacking on making the post, however, better late than never. We have killed Heroic Garrosh and with that cleared the content while it is still current. Not many guilds raiding strictly 6 hours per week can claim similar success and it is a great feeling to be a part of such a team. Sadly we could only bring 10 people to the kill but we always felt the support of the other members who were watching the streams and cheering us on Mumble. You should be proud of the community we have and how open it is.

Here is how we finished the expansion according to WoW Progress:

EU: 1371
EU English: 590
EU English raiding 2 times per week: 47! (this might not be fully reliable)

A screenshot does not do justice to the celebration that followed but we are going to show it anyway:

Garrosh HC
Kegs Awesome job in this expansion guys. Huge congrats to everyone! Keep up the good work!
Shadrea 2 hours 22mins. ...
Class Go us! \o/

Playing with Iyyokuk

Jadeleaf a posted Aug 5, 14
After defeating ourselves and focusing while surrounded by sexual innuendos, we finally achieved a kill on Heroic Paragons. It did not pose a significant challenge, we did not even need to get our vacuum cleaners out. In the end it only took us a quarter of attempts we needed for Siegecrafter.

We are on the right track to get HC Garrosh down before 6.0 hits. We will have a few spots for selected individuals. Reach out to us if you would like to be making progress in Mythic raiding with only 6 hours per week raid time investment.

Here's a beautiful screenshot with at least one bug in it:
Class Lol Shad #thatswhatshesaid? ...
Shadrea Another kuk bites the dust
Lykoss Well done guys ...

Broken Toys

Jadeleaf a posted Jul 14, 14
After perfecting our strategy and execution, we finally killed Siegecrafter. There's only two bosses that remain and hopefully we are prepared. Good job everyone involved and big thank you for all those on the sidelines. Our roster is growing in preparation for WoD Mythic raiding and there's already a lot of cheering from those who couldn't fit into the 10 man setting. We are still recruiting a few suitable individuals, come join a true 6 hours/2 days per week raiding guild.

Here's an obligatory screenshot:
Siegecrafter HC

Hyldur Well done all! ...
Barrush Good job ...
Apogryph Here's to hoping the re-kill won't take another 200+ wipes ...

Walk the Dinosaur

Jadeleaf a posted Apr 20, 14
Long overdue but better late than never. We took the dino for a walk and it was glorious (c) Erik.

Here is the tactic that was used during the kill, I am sure some would like to analyze it:

And here is the joy that commenced after the kill:

Demandred Boom Boom, chakalaka boom boom! best strategy ever
Apogryph That video is a surprisingly accurate depiction of out tactics ...
Shadrea Hey look i'm on fire. just like thok was briefly before this. ...
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