Challenge Modes Gold!

Karteza a posted Apr 23, 16

The first guild group managed to clear all the Warlords of Draenor Challenge Modes with Gold times this week! Congratulations to everyone involved and thanks for earning the guild the Deathwatch Hatchling pet! Pet collectors don't forget to pick yours up from the guild vendor.

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Mythic Mannoroth down!

Kaehlen posted Apr 7, 16

It was a long journey, with all kinds of challenges to overcome, but the big demon is finally down! We unleashed the TPR power and with great effort on the final pull of the evening, Mannoroth fell. Many interesting ways to wipe were found, but in the end it was a great achievement of the team.

Note the monk that almost wiped the whole raid with his last tick of Wrath of Guldan :D

This leaves us with just 1 boss left to finish the expansion on 12/13 mythic bosses defeated. With a 55% wipe we are already almost halfway there...

Unfortunately I was on vacation when Mannoroth was killed, just as when we killed Xhul'horac for the first time. So with flawless logic I can already say Archimonde will be killed on May 22nd. 

And there is the next one: Mythic Tyrant Velhari is added to the list of victims and The Phoenix Reborn are now on 10/13 mythic in Hellfire Citadel. Only 3 more to go!

Mythic Tyrant down!

The next 3 bosses will be quite the challenge, but we will get those as well! If you want to join us in that adventure, have a look at the recruitment section, we could still use an extra set of hands.

Oh, and a pro tip: it's very well possible to sneeze a boss to death while you hide in an iceblock, worked perfectly for me. Soak edict, cough/sneeze a lot, get vision back, continue the fight. Easy steps. If we are lucky I'll have another cold when we go and kill the next boss so I'll sneeze him to death as well.

And I want to suggest we cut down the raid times of progress raids to 30 minutes per raid. We only kill bosses in the last try anyway, so might as well start with that from now on. Of course we could plan 6 raids on 1 evening in that case, so imagine how many new bosses we would kill in a week!

Vari 30 minute raids... Genius!

The week after we killed Iskar we already had Zakuun on 0.4%, but then we had our holiday break. This week we returned to raiding and as expected, he went down pretty fast!

Mythic Zakuun down!

During the holiday break we also did the Glory of the Hellfire Citadel meta achievement. So new mounts for everyone!

Next week we will continue through upper Hellfire Citadel and hopefully more bosses will fall over soon.

We may or may not have some issues on this boss on heroic a long time ago, we'll deny everything by the way, but on mythic he fell over after 4 tries! The things a little damage boost from the rings can do is quite awesome.

Mythic Iskar down!

There wasn't even time to make fun of people here. But we have already started progress on Zakuun and things were looking quite ok there, so I hope we can add that one to the list soon!

Do you have what it takes to make wipes more interesting? It's ok to cause a few if you make them memorable! Please sign up for the last bosses of Hellfire Citadel in the recruitment section of our site.