It's been a while since we had an update on the homepage, but there it is: Argus in the sky. 

Normal ToS done!

Normal mode was over quickly, but soon on to heroic!

Kaehlen a Apologies for the rather crappy screenshot, but I had a screaming baby at the time :p For heroic I'll make sure ev...
Njoord a we certainly need get better at standing in rows for pics
Kegs How dare you cut out the almighty awesome Kegs! You shall suffer the consequences! Big gratz to all tough, job well don...

Cenarius & Xavius were both killed in an evening each. These were definitely not the most challenging encounters ever, but we're now done with EN!

We're looking forward to Nighthold and the chance to finally make Gul'dan pay :)

TPR is still looking for a few key players to fill our roster for the next patch. If you're looking to progress through Mythic Nighthold, feel free to contact us or pop an application in by clicking here.

Oh yea... We killed Helya on Heroic too!

Evil Tree - Chopped!

Vari posted Dec 13, 16  -  eumythicraidingtprwow

Okay, so this one took quite a bit longer than any other boss we've faced in Legion so far. We experienced progress every raid night and overall it didn't take us too long.

Good job everyone!

Evil Tree Chopped!

Cenarius and Xavius are next on our list!

We're currently recruiting!

If you're interested in raiding Mythic content on a strict 2-day schedule, please feel free to post an application. Currently we're in need of some more ranged DPS, potentially another Healer too.

Applications will need to stand-out to be considered, please ensure you post a detailed application with logs and ensure you detail your previous raiding experience too! Exceptional applications will always be considered regardless of the role.

We took a little side tour with the new raid, Trial of Valor. Odyn was surprisingly difficult, mostly due to the tuning, but we managed to please the big guy and he allowed us through to the next boss.

Heroic Odyn down!

We'll take on Guarm and Helya sometime soon as well, but first the Dragons of Nightmare!

3/7 Mythic - Ursoc down!

Kaehlen a posted Nov 7, 16

We bearly made it, the suspense was unbearable, but we got the big bear (some with their bear hands) right at bearserk point! Well done team! Ok, bear with me, I'll stop with the bear puns. 3/7 mythic now and ready to also storm the Trial of Valor raid.

Mythic Ursoc down!

Unfortunately my laptop refused service while the guild killed mythic Nythendra and the screenshot I had from Elerethe Renferal somehow got corrupted. But I promise, we really killed those 2 as well.

Kegs Great job guys!
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