It was a tough fight indeed, as was anticipated, but our special weapon turned out to be too much even for the mighty Gorefiend. Just over a 100 wipes before Blexis, whose hunger is even too much for that big demon, personally withstood the enrage that knocked out everybody else. We joked about Blexis and Gorefiend a lot, but who could have thought it would actually end in this way! A fitting ending for the lower citadel.

Mythic Gorefiend down!

Good job everyone for not giving up and especially to the people with the special tasks for freeing souls in time!

We will continue our crusade in HFC of course and the expectation is that we will have a few new kills sooner rather than later. If you would like to join for the upper half of the citadel, please visit the recruitment section of our website.

Valgoria All hail Blexis!

This guy clearly had no vision. I guess he should have seen it coming. Bad jokes aside, another one bites the dust! The lower part of Hellfire Citadel is almost cleared and we are 5/13 mythic now. The biggest challenge before we continue upstairs still awaits us though...

Mythic Kilrogg down!

Special thanks to Lavantor for helping us out! 

It was a funny raid night. Well, it became extra funny after we killed him on the last pull of the night. Yes, again! A whole asortment of weird things happened and the best of them all deserves to be shared. A certain priest (the video will show he is named Gopher) has epic portal skills:

Are you interested in also wiping the raid in the most interesting ways? Cool! Since Gorefiend is next, we can guarantee a few wipes incoming. Please sign up if you want to join us in completing Hellfire Citadel.

Demandred Haha awesome
Eirenjahr Epic portal and "gripping skills".

It was one of those special last pulls of the night again! Last wednesday blades were dodged, Reap was dropped out of the way, dps was good and bosses were killed. Interesting fight, especially for the healers. This brings us to 4/13 mythic.

Mythic Council down!

Only 1 boss to go until the scary Gorefiend will try to eat us. Do you have what it takes to help us overcome that challenge? Then please apply for the team in the recruitment section. Oh, and no worries, you won't get eaten by Gorefiend, but you might want to look out for a certain shaman called Blexis.

Jadeleaf a Hah, something to improve for the next time Demandred, thanks for pointing it out!
Demandred OMG i'm actually in a photo!

Another one bites the dust. Kormrok is now also defeated, bringing us to 3/13 mythic in Hellfire Citadel. A nice and quick fight. Special thanks to the rogues for the rune herding!

The next boss, Hellfire Council, was already looking promising, so progress is looking good.

Mythic Kormrok down!

We still have a few spots available for people that want to join in this adventure, so if you are interested, please visit the recruitment page and leave your application.

The first 2 bosses of Hellfire Citadel are cleared and we can now progress in the citadel itself. It was a bit of a struggle at times with the mean robot, but we came out as victorious anyway of course!

Mythic Iron Reaver down!

We are now continuing on Kormrok, who will hopefully go down soon. If you would like to join us in Hellfire Citadel and beyond, visit our Recruitment page! We could use a few more people for a dps or healer spot.

Oh, and special thanks to the guild for waiting for me returning from vacation to kill him ;-) 

Gopher anything for our special mage ...