Only a few tries were needed and there was our first mythic kill in Hellfire Citadel. The mythic trash packs and cannons were cleaned up in no time and the gate was opened. 

Mythic Hellfire Assault down!

Since my vacation starts almost literally right now and I expect to see a second mythic kill next week (he was almost down already last night), here is already a teaser for the next news post. I'll catch up with all the mythic kills I missed after I get back ;-)

Mythic Iron reaver

It took a few tries, but the endboss of this expansion is lying on the floor! Quite an intense last phase of the fight, but we managed. We finished the heroic mode of a very nice instance in my opinion.

Heroic Archimonde down!

Of course, the real journey is only beginning now. From now on, mythic progress will start!

Eirenjahr Amazing job guys. Sad I couldn't be in that pic, but we'll get him again!

So you know how sometimes all the bad things that can happen start happening at the same time? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Well, we have that too sometimes and how do we deal with it? By making a video to watch when you're feeling down! Here it is for everyone's enjoyment:

Eirenjahr There's nothing better than going back and having a look at yourself derping!!! ...
Valgoria Made my day!
Vari I really enjoyed making this video. I hope everyone enjoys it. If you do, please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and subs ...

It's been a bit silent on the front page, but things are about to change here! In the past weeks we have been busy going through the Hellfire Citadel raid, collecting tier sets, trinkets and tomes for the legendary rings. We have killed 12/13 heroic and 13/13 normal at the moment and expect to get our Ahead of the Curve achievements this weekend.

For never giving me the loot I want (and he has such shiny stuff!), I'm going to make this picture from last week public, hoping Mannoroth will learn from it and give us nice things next time.

Mannoroth down!

Soon Archimonde will join us here in a similar picture and then on to mythic! Stay tuned!

We had a few raids where quite a few people were on vacation and 6.2 had already been announced to start this week, so we decided to do a few achievement runs to get the Glory of the Draenor raider achievement. And of course we succeeded!

Glory of the Draenor raider

A few of the achievements were actually quite tricky, gathering ashes at Blackhand, playing football at Oregorger, the jumping at Gruul and then there were the flamethrowers at Brackenspore...

Thanks Jadeleaf for sacrificing a few hours of repeatedly killing Brackenspore, Eirenjahr for standing outside to make sure we could keep using his raid id and thanks Demandred for finally keybinding that special action button wink

But we are ready for Hellfire Citadel now. Let's go storm it on wednesday!

Bobrovsky Best part - The flamethrower achievement is no longer personal... Poor Dem!